12 November 2014

Badmouthing 101 Part II

And it gets worse than this with PAS. It should be criminal.


Badmouthing 101

And because its basically emotional child abuse.


16 September 2014

ACLU and Prisoner's Rights


30 August 2014

My All time favorite Essential Mix of the year by Scotty Bondy.

Dido should give the man much respect. I've always loved this set beyond measure. One of many where I know every twist and turn.


29 August 2014


So even though I used the stage name, Jolie, in honor of the threesome I nearly had in my dreams one night long ago,  I still just can't ever see Brad & Angelina as great people anymore.  She DID disrespect one of her own,  another female,  by screwing her husband, and he DID fuck around on Jennifer Aniston.  Love or not, helping the poor, feeding the hungry,  adopting an entire daycare... Hollywood and the entertainment media never really shunned their behavior over that.  And I just thought Brad and Jen were adorable together. And I always point out that even though people have good qualities,  when they also have major character flaws with their morals, they just shouldn't be ignored. What are we teaching our kids about relationships and respect? I'm just sayin. This is my space so I get to say what I want, to a degree.

While I'm no angel, myself,  I'm still not a role model to the masses.